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Are Other Ways to Get Oxygen addition to the tree?

A very good question once. Until now, there are several ways you can do to generate oxygen, and all these ways should be through a chemical reaction.


1. With an electric discharge into the aqueous salt solution using the contents of a pencil / graphite. The flow of electricity from the battery will result in a chemical reaction in the second pencil lead. The chemical reaction can be written as follows. Tanaman hidroponik

2 H2O (l) → 2 H2 (g) + O2 (g)


Oxygen will be formed on the surface of the leads that are connected to the positive pole of the battery.

2. With decompose hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Hydrogen peroxide is a substance commonly used by dentists to whiten teeth. This substance is unstable and easily biodegradable, so it must be refrigerated and kept away from sunlight.

H2O2 (l) → 2 H2O + O2 (g)

3. Through heating nitrate salts such as calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate. Salts of calcium nitrate and magnesium nitrate is a salt minerals needed by plants. When heated, the calcium nitrate decomposes into calcium oxide, oxygen gas and nitrogen dioxide gas.

2 Ca(NO3)2(s) → 2 CaO(s) + O2(g) + 4 NO2(g)

If considered in more detail, for the first way, the materials are easy to obtain, but it requires electrical energy. The second way does not require energy, but the material is rather difficult to obtain. While a third way requires heat energy and materials more difficult to obtain.

The third way to make oxygen on top is more difficult than planting trees. By planting trees, the energy of sunlight is available for free, the cost is much cheaper than using batteries or fuel. Trees, carbon dioxide, and water is also easier to come by than obtaining hydrogen peroxide or calcium nitrate.

Thus, according to the sisters, where better way to get oxygen?

* Ayik becik is a chemistry teacher at Stamford International School Bandung. He holds a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from the Bandung Institute of Technology in 2004, and has since taught at various national plus and international schools in Indonesia.

Examples of the idea of ​​making a vertical garden

To create a garden landscape and above would require the planting medium is different from the park in general. There is a wide variety of media plants that can be used. Construction frame buffer and park should also be strong, be off the wall, the metal pole of wood or wire.

vertical garden bottles

There are several things to consider in making such vertical garden;

Construction buffer .

You must create a pole or buffer construction as strong as possible so that the park will never collapse. You can take advantage of the strong concrete walls, iron railings, or intentionally or make your own from a slab of concrete or steel poles. Design a buffer such that force can support the weight of plants, water and growing media used. Do not forget the wind factor and so your garden is really strong.


A frame or on a regular garden called the land. How broad frame that you will use. The frame can be wall, woven wire, pralon or materials – other materials which could be used to place the plant media.

Media crops.

Media vertical garden plants are not much different from a regular garden. The difference is the type of crops to be grown. Planting a tree bonsai shaved certainly not suitable for a vertical garden. For certain plants you can use coconut husk or chaff mixed with soil. To put the media you can use potted plants tiered, pralon, or bottles of soft drinks.

Types of plants .

Type plants are not suitable for vertical gardens. Vertical garden is also divided into two types: an indoor garden and an outdoor garden. Plants that fit in the room certainly does not grow well in the outdoors and vice versa.

Irrigation or fertilization .

If you maintain the plant in a conventional garden, you can water your plants every day with a hose or bucket. However, watering and fertilizing the garden vertical should be made automatically, namely by linking each plant with a hose -selang that will drain the water and fertilizer. You can create a reservoir of water applied to the roots of the trees for watering and fertilizing. Only by opening the tap for a few minutes or seconds all the plants should have got the water supply or the fertilizer evenly.


The weakness of the vertical garden is in terms of exposure to sunlight. Vertical garden will not be able to get full sun from morning till afternoon. This occurs because the upright position. Thus, the process of photosynthesis in plants could not maximal. To solve this problem one of them is to choose the type of plants that do not require a lot of sunlight.

On this occasion, I will present some ideas and examples make vertical gardens or vertical garden. With 101 examples I gave hopefully you will get 101 ideas to make your home more beautiful with plants.

Here are some examples and pictures how to create a vertical garden;

1. The simple vertical garden of wire and flower pots

a vertical garden of pot

2. Vertical hanging garden

A unique piece of wire and bottles to make a simple hanging plants.

hanging garden

3. The vertical garden of bag models.

With models bags taped to the wall, you can grow vegetables or herbs.

Vertical medicinal plants

4. Plant vertical support wire.

The wires are arranged such that it becomes a place to put the plant media.

models of vertical garden

5. Tower gardern

Model this one is a bit complicated, but the result is ok really.

garden cone

6. The vertical garden pot intersect.

The composition of pots crossed the wire buffer appears neat and unique. I guess not too difficult to make.

intersects the vertical garden pot7. Vertical garden of bottles.

Bottles can also be used as a growing medium for the vertical garden. Tanamanya type can be flowers, vegetables or herbs.

vertical garden bottles

8. Pot Stackable play.

Arrangement of potted rotate, with the support wire, is also quite simple. You can design your own model you want.

pot twist

9. Square.

Vertical garden with a buffer box or boxes with iron or wire is then filled with pots pretty neat and charming.

vertical garden idea

10. Vertical Garden with former pallet.

If you have lots of used pallets, well now try to create a vertical garden with the used pallets of the discarded useless.


The benefits of eating three palm fruit every day, devastating effect

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you start eating Dates? Probably not. Most people do not think about the benefits of dates are very much at all and especially about its health benefits. But look at the benefits Dates quite amazing and this small fruit can provide some excellent health benefits. If you start to eat three dates a day, see how great Sunnah
Nutritional content Dates
Ate first day

The benefits of eating three palm fruit every day, devastating effect

The first thing you will notice is that the dates had some great nutritional benefits. You do not need all the vitamins in that when you eat three dates a day. dates contain copper, potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

Dates Improve Digestive Health

Dates food massive benefits for digestive health. If you have a lot of problems such as constipation or digestive problems and GI (gastro intestinal) other dates can help. Part of it is a matter of dates contains fiber and they have been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer and many more. Dates even recommended treatment for hemorrhoids.

dates as painkiller

Because dates have so many magnesium – which are anti-inflammatory – they can work to relieve pain and help the swelling. Research has shown that magnesium in date can help reduce inflammation of the arteries and lowers the risk of heart disease and a number of other inflammatory conditions such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis and more due.

Dates to order Healthy Pregnancy

A study conducted in UST tested how well assist with the delivery date. The researchers tested 69 women and came to the conclusion that if women eat dates during the last four weeks of their delivery that labor is more profitable. Dates also help with weight loss after pregnancy
Dates for High Blood Pressure and Stroke

Magnesium in these dates also helps to lower high blood pressure. So many people are in the loop blood pressure drugs in the United States, while the fruit is probably supposed to make them medically unnecessary. Potassium contained within these dates also helps, because it helps the heart work more smoothly and reduces blood pressure as well.

In addition, there has actually been a study to determine whether or not the date to have an impact on the risk of stroke. In fact, there have been no fewer than seven studies that prove that the magnesium lowers your risk of stroke by about 10% for every hundred milligrams of magnesium you ingest every day.

The research is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and clearly demonstrates that dates can reduce the risk of stroke.

Dates Making brain works better

There is also research done on the ingredients in the palm and its relationship to the health of the brain and has been shown that when you have enough vitamin B6 in your system, your brain actually works better. That means that you have a brain that is more focused, more accurate memories memory and can access the information more quickly. Dates help keep your mind sharp and ready to learn.

Installing EBooks – apple ipad is actually the Future


Fascinated? This is actually one hell from a wonderful company for downloading and install eBooks. Elise is actually an Apple gizmo enthusiast, typically remaining up to companion along with updates and also launches that are actually relevant to Apple items.

Taking into consideration that the Apple apple ipad is actually still remarkably brand new to the all over the world digital gizmo market, there are actually presently very few substitutes for installing ebooks. ipad tablet customers are going to most likely discover on their own generally scanning the Apple iBookstore for their media selections.

Given that the launch from the Apple ipad tablet, Apple has actually additionally turned out their all new “iBooks” customer to become utilized together with the ipad tablet for acquiring and also installing ebooks. ipad tablet individuals typically surf as well as select the certain Good eBooks that they prefer as well as spend a private cost each, just like the application retail store for Apple apple iphone treatments.

One from the very first factors folks carry out along with their brand new Apple ipad tablet is actually lots this up along with Apple iBooks and also Amazon Kindle requests. The apple ipad’s very most extensively realized attribute is actually definitely its own eBook visitor abilities as well as for installing ebooks.

Creatively, Apple’s customer is just one of the greatest on the market in relations to an eBook audience, choices in the bodily publication along with a timber shelf history, real web page measurements presented almost the display screen for a feeling from sharpness, a two-pate yard checking out choice like an actual manual, and also a page-turning animator. Apple’s remarkable functionalities create the apple ipad eye-catching for anybody curious about installing ebooks. apple ipad proprietors generally obtain the complete expertise from reviewing a true manual along with an advanced contact to that.

While several cynics may not be pretty certain that the Apple ipad tablet are going to eliminate all eBook purchases, some assume that a great deal of device aficionados are going to discover this fully appropriate and also as eBook audience fostering still stays reasonably reduced the ipad tablet might really motivate eBook going through similarly the apple iphone urged mobile phone documents and also mobile phone web searching. Along with the ipad tablet setting you back concerning $500 (U.S.), buying each personal media publication may appear pricey, specifically at the expense from $12 to $14 individually for installing ebooks. ipad tablet managers possess actually dished out sufficient loan for their device, really isn’t there certainly a less complex option for downloading and install ebooks for the ipad tablet?

Regardless of the Apple apple ipad’s freshness to the market, there are actually some providers diving on the eBook visitor train and also having perk from Apple’s ingenious brand new gizmo for downloading and install ebooks. The ideal component concerning that is actually that this demands no month to month charges neither personal remittances for eBooks like the Apple iBookstore calls for.

The apple ipad’s very most largely acknowledged component is actually undoubtedly its own eBook visitor capacities and also for installing ebooks. Apple’s impressive functionalities create the apple ipad eye-catching for any person curious in installing ebooks. While lots of doubters typically aren’t fairly certain that the Apple ipad tablet are going to eliminate all eBook purchases, some presume that a great deal from device aficionados will definitely locate this fully appropriate and also as eBook viewers adopting still continues to be reasonably reduced the ipad tablet can really motivate eBook reviewing the very same means the apple iphone urged mobile phone requests and also mobile phone net surfing. Along with the apple ipad setting you back regarding $500 (U.S.), buying each private media publication could seem to be pricey, particularly at the expense from $12 to $14 individually for installing ebooks. In spite of the Apple apple ipad’s freshness to the market, there are actually some providers leaping on the eBook viewers train and also having conveniences from Apple’s cutting-edge brand-new device for installing ebooks.

How the Most Secure Using LPG Gas Tube

Reading the Budi-van-Boil titled ” Tube 3 kg was snatched Cheerful Us ” I want to convey some tips for safer use of LPG gas cylinders and not leaking, what else at this particular time many families are leaving home for good intentions widths 1 Syawal nan Fitri namely silaturrahim to parents or elder out of the city in the time period is relatively long. So that the house was left safe from the possibility of fire caused by electrical short circuit and leakage of gas, then you need to consider for its security are:


The lights were turned on, only the existing lights outside the home and that too if there was a guard house or a kind neighbor turning off and on lights only by a switch near the electric meter, Pertamina Solusi Bahan Bakar Berkualitas dan Ramah Lingkungan

Remove the LPG gas regulator from the mouth of the tube, after the escape,

Then the tube is closed with a plastic sheet and tied with two rubber bands strongly that whatever influence it can not leak gas. The gas released from the gas cylinder forget, could be a possibility that the gas hose bitten by rats membocor filled the room (this is very dangerous).

Read Benediction, Bismillah …….. then you can leave the house and locked all the doors of the house safely.
Replacing LPG Gas Regulator Return to Mouth Tube.

Note the existing rubber at the mouth of the tube, if the first black and red now. Rubber is very important so that gas can not leak,

Then insert-eject lever trigger rod into the gas as in the picture, the red rubber to be rough and clamped tightly trigger lever trunk gas. If the rubber is loose, then the chances of the gas will leak through the gap lax. Look for rubber is still narrow so that it can be clamped rod lever trigger gas. If it has been found that a strong rubber clamp, then insert it into the mouth red rubber tube back and sturdy entrance into position (use your index finger to enter it into the mouth of the tube),

Check the knob gas stove in a closed position,
Replace the LPG regulator vertically and press firmly on the top, then rotate the lever opening the gas valve to the maximum position. Then gas will flow into the stove,

If the burner has not lit after peletikan fire, at the one-o’clock on the regulator by hand vertically so that the sound is no gas begins to flow into the stove,
Turn on the back burner and stove will be lit as usual with hearing the hiss of a gas discharge,
Stoves can already adjusted the small and large and safe enough for cooking.

Listen with your ear close sticking above the regulator to detect the possibility of leaking gas after flame burner knob is turned off first. Usually when there is a small leak will hear the hiss pessssst …. and LPG gas leaking gas will smell a pungent, if it happens quickly open LPG Regulator, then re-do from item 3 above respectively.

And so on, if you install a gas regulator with gas cylinders.
Hose connecting the gas cylinders with gas stove should hose quality that is not easily leaked when exposed to cooking oil, easy to dry and cracked by heat, or bitten by rats house.

Hopefully there are benefits, so we all avoid the likely presence of fire disaster. Prudence and thoroughness is the main attitude to avoid a house fire. The same could also be to the tube 12 kg .

How to Prune Roses Summer

In summer: deadheading (removing spent blooms) will prevent seed formation hips and therefore encourage new blooms and maintain attractive shrub. Remove spent blooms and make your pruning cut cane just above an outward facing flyer set mature. Adult leaflets typically 5-7 in number, leaflets adults have only three leaves. If you cut back only three leaves, you will not get a new growth or Rebloom.

Floribunda or musk hybrid roses that bloom in clusters presents some unique challenges, flowers individuals should deadheaded as they fade, then truss the whole trimmed back to a flyer mature after all the flowers have bloomed. Keep in mind that deadheading remove all hip to be formed later. You may not want to cut once bloomers until after the hip to see them for this reason. Bloomers repeat some, such as the Rugosa Roses, produce hip and blooms at the same time.

It’s interesting to see which might be of interest to you and you may not want Deadhead them. Bloomers Repeat can be deadheaded until August or so, and then allowed to develop hip after the flower display their last.
Grooming other summer including pruning for maintenance (to keep the larger shrubs within the limits, or to keep the roses from the boundary to the road, for example), trimming for an overall shape to keep the shrub looks balanced, and to eliminate poor branching connections.

You may also want to delete the shoot was canceled that has failed to open because of the rain. Always remember to make clean pruning cuts with a sharp knife trimmer and periodic disinfection between cuts if you remove diseased branches.

Prune untuk Shape
Prune to Shape (Eliminate poor branching patterns)

Remember that roses bloom big sugarcane varieties require more robust to support the weight of flowers. If you do not cut back far enough in the rod, new growth will be too weak to support a bloom, and you will end up with a crooked stick that interest is to see the land. Instead of trimming back to the first ripe flyer, you can cut well below the stem to force new growth sturdiness. Do not cut out the sugar cane Overall, however, it is good practice to leave at least (2) leaflets due on the rod when deadheading.

Special situations
Once-Blooming Roses: Roses Old garden that blooms only once a year to produce flowers on old wood. It is growth that appeared the previous year for each bloom produces. Once-bloomers should only be pruned immediately after flowering (usually around mid-July). If you prune in the spring, you will lose all bloom that year. Old garden roses can be pruned up to 15 inches per year without any damage. This makes a large bush in the boundaries and give form. If you do not mind the size of the bush, then just cut to stick dead, damaged and diseased or other undesirable growth for you.

Hedge Roses: You will be different if you want to trim the hedge effect than if you formed a bush individual. For fences, bushes you will be planted closer together than usual and should be treated as a single unit. Pruning for production growth even.

Roses in Pot: trimmed in much the same way as those on the ground. Generally a pot on the patio or near the track. Keeping shrubs trimmed so as not to reach out and grab passing is good practice!
Roses colonizing: generate new growth from the roots and spread to cover a large area. Some Gallicas and Centifolias some will do this.

Instead of trimming on the ground level, using only a shovel and dig extra growth. It is a rose you can give your friends or plants in your own garden a new location. This is how many roses are transported from one part of the other countries in the early days of the wagons. ‘Yellow Harison’ s’ is one such example.

Groundcover Roses tend to grow larger than they do high. If you groundcover roses are outgrowing its space, resist the temptation to cut the ends of the branches are lower. These roses should not be pruned in the shape of a vase, as will direct their growth on the outside instead. In general, the shear topiary shrub roses like a bad idea, and it will be difficult to recover the shape of a rose. If the branch is getting too long, follow cane that all the way back and remove it in the center.

Avocado Juice Recipes How to Make Special And Delicious

Juice avocado is one fresh drinks were very tasty and delicious. And you’ve tahuk avocado was actually from? avocado comes from the United States. The fruit juice avocado is in addition to healthy also contain many nutrients and vitamins that can be absorbed enough for your body. Nutritional content you can see the proof that also can smooth the skin, skin care for the face and body and also can be used to massage the avocado scrubs for skin to remain taut.

avocado juice recipes tasty and fresh

Furthermore avocado juice is also now a lot to like with the addition of yogurt and milk chocolate makes this juice is embedded in the heart. Because of unimaginable pleasure delicious juice.Without much explanation directly below you can see Recipes How to Make Avocado juice Special And Delicious:

Avocado Juice Recipes And Delicious Deals

Ingredients :

  • 1 cup of boiled water.
  • Meses taste.
  • Sugar around 3sdm / can be customized.
  • Chocolate milk full cream 1 sachet / taste.
  • 1 fresh ripe avocado.

How to make :

  1. For the first case of skin peeled avocado and take the meat with a spoon and input into the blender.
  2. Next add the sugar and water into a blender, then turn on the blender and wait for about 1-2 minutes.
  3. And while waiting for the smoothing process in a blender, then prepare a glass and pour a glass with full cream milk (according to your taste).
  4. And terakir stay put aplukat juice from the blender into glasses and sprinkle meses thereon and avocado juice ready to be enjoyed.
  5. Okay now this special avocado juice ready for you to eat with family and friends.

Thus the discussion about Recipes How to Make Special And Delicious Avocado juice that we can provide to you, may be useful and good to try it at home. This recipe from Dapuranda.netwhich always gives a special recipe every day just for you. And also see our other recipes here like Recipe How To Make The pickled vegetables Delicious and Fresh

Bali Banana Boat

Bali banana boat is a recreational game of water, with a banana shaped inflatable boats with a large size. One tourist attraction in Bali , ganggari fast boat which provides a gaming facility Bali banana boat is Tanjung Benoa watersport. Additionally, if you try to pack water sports Amuk Bay Bali, tourist activity banana boat ride you can also enjoy.

Every day many local and foreign tourists, try this game in watersport Tanjung Benoa . Giant banana-shaped boat, it can be boarded by four tourists and one guide.

Hasil gambar untuk Keunggulan berwisata menggunakan perahu boat

Such as horseback riding and boat will be pulled by a speed boat circling in Tanjung Benoa.Usually speed boat driven by one or two guides. For one round, this game takes approximately 15 minutes.

Bali Banana Boat

Beautiful view on the beach of Tanjung Benoa and the bright sun during the day, can be enjoyed by tourists while playing Bali banana boat. In addition, Tanjung Benoa beach backed by sea water is very calm, because it Tanjung Benoa beach is suitable for tourist activities water sport Bali .

Benoa harbor is located not far from the beaches of Tanjung Benoa, also seen with fishing boats that were unloading. From a distance also looked charm of the island of Nusa Penida .

Banana Boat Bali – Tanjung Benoa Water Sport Activities

This game uses equipment already meets international standards. Such as life jackets, boat speed and banana boat itself. The guides who accompany you, already trained and experienced, so that the safety and convenience of tourists is preferred in the activities banana boat Tanjung Benoa.

Inflatable boat to Tanjung Benoa activities banana boat made of thick rubber and lightweight, making it easy to pull and directed by speed boat. The distance between the strap boat with speed boat about five meters.

The length of the rope is set to facilitate communication between the guides with the speed boat driver. Banana boat exciting activities Tanjung Benoa will feel you crashing surf beach of Tanjung Benoa.

You want to look for a bargain price for Bali banana boat during a holiday in Bali.Price USD 80,000 / person, free shuttle, cheapest in Tanjung Benoa.

After driving around for 15 minutes, the guide will direct you back to the beach of Tanjung Benoa. Usually there are additional attractions offered to tourists guides. The banana boat will be reversed by a guide who makes all the passengers wet.

If you do not want to get wet, the customer just say that the boat should not be reversed, when the game is over. It depends on customer demand. If you want to try one of the water sport activities in Bali.


Those who’ve traveled in Derawan and Labuan Cermin but wanted to try a new place again.Vacation alternative that we serve not less beautiful and wonderful in the appeal of two destinations. No harm to try this new destination. Well suited to lovers of the sea and the beach, snorkeling and swimming in the crystal clear sea water Balabalagan Islands is a mandatory thing to do.

Based in Makassar strait, by taking a 9 hour drive from Balikapapan, best transfer from bali to gili island by fast boats the archipelago is commonly called Balabalagan Balabalakang or by its official name, and is divided administratively into the territory of West Sulawesi consists of beautiful islands exotic. Each island has a characteristic underwater view respectively.

The islands are among others:

Island Popongan

Uninhabited island approximately 24 head of this family, became one of the main objectives of the island because we will stay for two nights on the island. Every night we would be entertained by the agility of local island children who play together for visitors.

Everyday Popongan Island residents are fishermen, fish became the main catches are Red Grouper, Shrimp Lobster, squid, and others. Results commodity these fish are sold to collectors or that they were called ship export. These fish will then be sold to the city of Aberdeen and then sent to Jakarta and then exported to countries such as China and Singapore.

Although the island was inhabited, around the coast of New Popongan always clear, and a habitat to live a few turtles. Locals have the awareness to preserve the turtles.

Pulau Sumanga

Consisting of two uninhabited islands namely Pulau Besar and Pulau Sumanga Sumanga Kecil, Pulau Besar Sumanga have variations coral reefs are large, and there are many turtles roam. The coral reef island is very beautiful, but passable depth of about 2-3 meters.

Then next to it there is a Small Sumanga Island, the island has a character’s mouth wide shallow beach. Although shallow, the water is clear and there are some spots where the coral reef nemo fish life. So the bias nemo fish we found only at a depth of 50cm. It is easier in terms of documentation for tourists who can not swim can take pictures with these fish.

Pulau Lalungan

Always be the last destination of our trip because the beauty pantaidan cleanliness. Uninhabited islands covering an area of no lebihdari 1 Ha’s is unique because it treats the underwater sights were incredible.

And easy to reach because it is only 1 meter from the shoreline we are already seeing the reef pretty ones. Increasingly ketengah, water gets colder and we can watch the coral variations are large, and some fish nemo anemone playing Area.

Besides beauty of clean white sand beaches and crystal clear sea water. Similarly no less beautiful sunset and sunrise on the island Popongan which is so exotic and beautiful coral reefs and pristine and colorful fish.

Apparently it’s still a lot of potential which is still not widely known in Kalimantan queried. Got photos and written terntang new destinations in Borneo at your place? Let us know our love equally introduced Kalimantan as a tourist destination to the world.

Easy Tips How to Choose a Good Power Bank and Qualified For Smartphones

Power Bank is to charge portable devices anytime, anywhere. But many sellers in the market power of banks so that many consumers are confused to choose a good bank power products.

Tips for Choosing Power Bank

This time I will review How To Select The Right Bank Power Smartphone.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Bank Power For Smartphones

The first thing to consider in how to choose the Power Bank Right For Smartphone is the size / capacity of the battery, you can see it on the packaging of your smartphone.

After that at least the power bank would you buy should have the capacity / power equal to your battery. It aims to verify if your battery can be fully charged in a one-time charge.

But if the smartphone experience problems often depleted battery, then you can buy power bank with power / large capacity, so you still have more power for longer use.

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The second note on your smartphone output voltage, make sure the output voltage is greater than or equal to your smartphone, the third security problem, if you will buy power bank power bank can choose to cut the flow in the event of a short circuit which may cause the battery to explode or ignite.

Also choose the power of banks to support the auto cut feature, where this feature to function when the battery is fully charged it will automatically power bank will stop filling.

And the latter buy POWERBANK by brand / brand is already well known, it will prevent you from fraud. That last review on How to Choose the Right Power Bank for Smartphone. This time I will explain about the caring power of banks.

How to Take Care Power Bank with Good

The first thing to do is avoid power bank with all kinds of collisions, both adjust the power the power of your bank with a battery capacity of your device, three if you want to use the power bank, make sure POWERBANK is already fully charged, the fourth avoid temperatures excessive heat and Last bamk use power wisely.

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