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How To Clean A Tile Floor

Linoleum flooring – In a previous post, we gave tips about care type of floorings such as marble, terrazzo, and granite. In posting this time we gave tips clean tiled floors. You can follow these steps to care for ceramic, whether it is attached to the wall or on the floor: Tile floor should be fairly diligent in the clear and swept at the time of dirty. Especially to avoid grains of sand can cause scratches on the.

Then simply cleaned with clean water or soapy water. Avoid using floor cleaners that contain acid, such as sulfuric acid and HCL, is quite high. The fluid can cause the ceramic glazing layer is damaged, so a quick look dull. Be careful with a cleaning of ceramics that are sold over the counter, which often contains a relatively high acid.


The use of liquid cleaners ceramics containing a deodorizer too often will cause the surface become sticky after cleaned. And also caused dirty easy ceramic even cause spots on the surface of ceramics.

Some types of ceramics, there is indeed already designed more resistant to harsh chemicals, namely kind porcelain or homogeneous tile. Therefore this kind of tiles is suitable to be installed in an area of dense traffic.

To remove stains or stubborn dirt uses high levels of a chemical solution. Just to note, do not dampen or lap the entire surface of the ceramics. Enough on the affected part of the stain only.

For bathroom floor tiles, simply brushed away. But do not use bristle brushes that are too harsh or hard, because once again be able to scrape a layer of ceramic tile and grout.

Campurlah 30 ml liquid soap and 125 ml vinegar in 8 liters of warm water. In order for the SOAP becomes active, camp blah before being used to clean the floor.

For linoleum without wax, use a mixture of liquid soap 30 ml and 8 liters of warm water (no vinegar). To remove wax on the floor, mix washing soda and water until creamy then use shaped to cover the floor and let it dry. Scrub with a brush or rough sponge. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Rinse the MOP or with 60 ml of vinegar mixed into the water.

How To Care For Marble

Marble is a natural stone software in the process of formation of sedimentary limestone hard is petrified. Due to its software is usually installed at the time the material is hardened by a process name process of crystallization of the function make the marble floors to be hard and shiny.

To always perform brilliantly, marble floors, polished manner should be treated. But before really need polishing, marble floors can be treated in several ways that in this article we will provide.

Here are somehow to care for marble floors so keep it well maintained.

First, make sure in any we mop up the marble floors have to be squeezed the MOP until lap really barely dry. The aim is so that there is no residual water left on the surface a marble floor can cause the surface becomes slightly opaque or less.

In addition to aim so that the surface is not opaque, with an almost dry MOP wipe these aims so that the existing Crystal layer on the surface of the marble is not quickly eroded or even lost.

Be sure to always put a doormat in front of the entrance to the function to clean up the grime like sand a very potentially damaging the surface of the marble.

If the surface of the marble floors exposed to spills of fluids such as tea, coffee, oil or liquid food other, immediately wipe clean the spill so that the former does not seep into the marble layers can cause the onset of mushrooms.
Always give the pedestal in place hot food or drink which in this case is aimed so that no scars like burned on the surface of the marble.

If You wish to use liquid floor cleaners (fragrances), make sure the existing content in the liquid is specially formulated for marble, so as not to damage the often cause fungus.
The last way is to give a layer on the surface of the marble floor (Crystal), and this need a special tool to do it.

The following is the process of crystallization on the surface of the marble floor.
The process of crystallization catalyzed done in two ways, namely:

The archiving process. The principle by way of closing the pores of marble usually using marble powder 47 that function closes the pori2 marble and makes it shiny.
The process of coating. The principle works the same close pores using thin-film layers so that the surface of the marble is shinier. Usually use a layer of acrylic 47.

Once the process is done, finished last the last process is to give the Crystal layer serves as silicone (protective). Usually, a good product and often used is a product of import Italy.

From both these ways equally effective just that there are some differences. How compression is more lasting than just coating by means of the process goes longer. However, the way the coating process is very fast compared to the way compression it’s just age a white garment shorter.

The benefits for the health of Caulis & treatment: Diabetes, rheumatism, wounds, Hives, scabies, etc.

Caulis typically utilized for the manufacture of basic materials in traditional herbal medicine. Where in Caulis have substances such as Alkaloids berberin columbina and serving to kill bacteria on the wound.

Pikroretin substance in Caulis which gives the bitter taste, its benefits to improve the function of nerve fibres as well as maintain the function of the respiratory system in order to be optimal.

Some of the properties owned by Caulis, namely:
Anti-allergic, to prevent and reduce allergic reactions.
Analgesic, for pain relief.
Antipyretic, to lower the heat/cold.
Antioxidant, free radical attack to prevent trigger premature aging and kenker.
Antineoplastik, to prevent cancer and tumors.
Antidiabetik, to control blood sugar.
Antiporotik, to maintain bone density.
Immunology, to stimulate the immune system.

Caulis (Tinospora crispa-Latin names) contains a chemical compound that is effective in treating various diseases. Useful chemical compounds are present in all parts of the borotowali, starting from the root, stem and leaves.

Manfaat Brotowali untuk Kesehatan & Pengobatan

Caulis benefits for health and medicine

1. Brighten the face skin
To lighten the skin of the face, You can take advantage of a cheap herbal potion, a batang decoction of Caulis later used to clean the face. The benefit of using this herb to eliminate stains that stick to the face, and make the face become bright.

To maintain the health and hygiene of the face, then before touching a face then You should wash your hands to clean water, in order to be free from viruses, bacteria and germs.

2. To address the decline of appetite
Sometimes the taste of lazy to eat comes up, there are many things that make a person does not have the appetite, as is because it is a lot of mind, stress, depression, problems on the physical condition, the mood is not good, etc. If you are not eating will certainly make a body limp and a lack of essential nutrients. Which is also at risk of triggering dangerous diseases.

Take advantage of the traditional herb Caulis. The trick with the drinking of water decoction of Caulis leaves. If the bitter water rebusannya, you can add honey to overcome the bitter taste that bad. Add honey also provides additional essential nutrients to the body.

To increase your appetite, You can also do as commonly done many, that consume vitamin appetite enhancer.

3. Treat diabetes
Diabetes is going to be very dangerous if ignored, should get immediate handling before diabetes becomes chronic. The disease known as ‘ Diabetes ‘ this happened due to the abnormal conditions in metabolic body.

As for penyabab someone to be exposed in diabetics there are many, such as due to lack of work, unhealthy diet, heredity, obesity, etc.

Diabetes cannot be treated as a whole. Where, as long as it can be done in tackling the diabetes is controlling the symptoms and prevent the presence of complications that would be very dangerous if it is to happen.

To cope with diabetes then it could be by utilizing herbal consumption that is antidiabetik, one of Caulis.

And that is a major factor in order for the condition of diabetes could be improved is to keep the pattern of life that is good and healthy. Healthy life pattern is very important to control sugar levels in the blood so that it is not too high.

It is important for You to limit your intake of sweets, such as energy drinks fizzy, sugary cake/, sugar, tea, etc.

Caulis herb to make in addressing the disease of diabetes, first take the stem Caulis, then clean and cut into pieces. Prepare also the leaves and leaf Sambiloto Java tea to taste.

Wash clean all of it. Then rebuslah with 3 cups of water to boil. Let it boil until the condition in only 1.5 glasses.

After that, wait until it is not hot anymore. Then strain the boiled water and input into the glasses. Drink 2 times a day, as much as ½ cups only.

4. Give a soothing effect on the body
In the study conducted by scientists. Where studies are conducted using a mouse object given Caulis extract. The results showed that the herb extract Caulis beneficial to provide a sense of calm and relax in the pecobaan rats.

5. Cure jaundice (hepatitis)
The cause of the onset of jaundice due to buildup of yellow substances (called bilirubin) in the blood and tissues of the body. Bilirubin is a residual substance derived from red blood cells break down. Before being disposed of in the body of this bilirubin, a substance will be sent by the liver through the blood stream.

In the liver, the organ of the bilirubin is mixed together with the liquid bile. Where is the second substance going towards featuring the digestive system to be discarded. Disposal of residual substance bilirubin through the dirt and in the form of urine. The most through the shit that comes out of the body through the process of chapter.

The existence of a residual substance bilirubin that is what causes the urine tends to be yellowish and stools tend to be Brown.

Caulis can be used to treat jaundice. To perform treatment with consume ¾ Cup results Caulis Rod stew, boiled water mixed with honey in the manufacturing process. The consumption of this herb regularly until symptoms of jaundice declined.

Avoid alcohol consumption due to menyebakan conditions of jaundice is getting worse. Keep your body weight killed to avoid obasitas. The condition of the body fat can increase the risk of cirrhosis and gallstone problems.

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6. Speed up to heal wounds
The content of alkaloid barberin and columbina in Caulis give benefits to people who suffered injuries. The content is able to fight off the attack of bacteria due to injuries. To make ramuannya in curing the wounds, then first of all some mashed leaves Caulis, then paste on the injured parts of the body.

Any other use, i.e. with boiling water, then Caulis Rod rebusannya (when it’s been cooled) is used to wash the body part affected by the injury. This serves to kill bacteria-bacteria that are at risk of triggering an infection on the skin.

7. Curing skin diseases
Mange is a type of skin disease caused by mites and ticks attack the Sarcoptes scabiei named tiny. A sense of gatalnya will be more felt during nighttime. Where this scurvy in addition to give a sense of discomfort in the body, it will also damage the appearance so it becomes not confident.

Scabies can be transmitted, which can be transmitted directly or with an intermediary media such as towels and more. To heal the skin using Caulis, following the steps below:
First of all some mashed leaves Caulis.
Input sulphur and coconut oil into a container of collisions.
Once that is done make the potion, then apply it on the infected body part leprosy.
You need to do it on a regular basis, not just once in a while just to perform.

8. Cure fever
In Caulis has analgesic and antipyretic substances that are beneficial to help lower a fever quickly. You can use the stem of the plant capable of Caulis lowering fever. This method is good cock for you who do not like the use of medicinal chemistry.

To make the ramuannya, first of all prepare a stem Caulis that’s about 15 cm. then wash to clean.

Kemduian provide water as much as 3 glass, then pour into the Pan, turn on the stove. When the water starts to boil, a batang input already washed last into it.

Let the water boil and shrunk to only 1 cup water only. After that, wait somewhat cooled water rebuasannya then strain while entering into a glass. Input one spoon of honey in a glass of water onto the stew, then drink. Do 2 times a day.

In the process of making the concoction, don’t forget to also incorporate the honey. So you would not be so tormented while drinking the decoction of water because of bitterness. Honey also has a content of a benefit very much.

When a fever, don’t forget to meet the fluid intake needed, especially drinking plain water. Fever can be lowered effectively using special fever, some of which can be used is a medicine containing paracetamol (most commonly used), Ibuprofen (0bat should be taken after meals to prevent stomach ache), and Aspirin (adults, should not be given to children).

9. Curing rheumatism
Arthritis is a disease of inflammation of the joints that occurs due to disorders of the immune system in the fight against the threat of viruses in the body. The pain generally appears on those aged 50 years and over. As a suggestion, do not do heavy work for those of you who have been affected by rheumatism.

To address remasik, then drink ½ glass of water decoction of Caulis Rod results. Do routinely i.e twice in a day.

10. Treat hives
Itching on the skin makes the sufferer want to continue to scratch it, which could eventually lead to new problems, namely skin cuts, abrasions or irritation. To overcome the itch using Caulis leaves, is enough with soaking warm water.

The warm water is the result of decoction of Caulis sulfur mixed leaves. To get maximum results, do at least 20 minutes to soak there.

Sophisticated, This Epson Printer able to Print 75 thousand pages

How to install printer driver – The latest technology is bringing back the Epson printers . Technology that is present in the latest inkjet printer type is intended for the use of the business or Corporation.

Technology named Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) this is called more efficient and able to save the cost of printing. This is possible because the series printer Epson WorkForce Pro FW R8591-wearing high-capacity ink bag, so it is able to load many more ink.





Unmitigated, the ability of a complete set of 4 bags of ink able to print up to 75 thousand pages. According to the Senior Manager and Product Marketing Epson Indonesia Riswin Li, in comparison, to print as many pages as it was, an ordinary laser printer requires ink cartridges 52 standard.

“When compared to the printer once charging is common in which only able to print approximately 2,200 pages, this printer can print a lot more,” said Li, during a launch event three new printer Epson

Thus, production costs and replacement cycle ink is also lower. This printer also only requires the preparation of ink and the waste ink box, so no additional fees required to use the drum unit, fuser unit and transfer, such as in a laser printer.

Power consumption of the printer is also lower than the laser printers in General. The reason, inkjet printer do not use the heater in the process of printing so that helps reduce the cost of production of users.

“This Printer is only spending power 40W, unlike laser printers that reaches 500W in usage,” said the man who once attended in Indonesia Atma Jaya Catholic University that. In fact, in a demonstration, this printer can be turned on by relying on power from kayuhan bikes.

Technology upgrade for Epson introduced a few months ago, PrecisionCore, also pinned on this printer. The presence of a technology that allows the printer to print in high volume and high speed (ISO) to 24ppm, fixed 600×600 on the resolution dpi without replacement at regular intervals.

The plan, which dibanderol printer priced from Rp 59,500,000 to Rp 74,500,000 and the basic version to the full version of this will be present on the market in September. However, for the current marketing is still carried out in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

That step was taken considering this printer Epson is still relatively new and Epson wants to bring qualified service post-sale service in regards to the user. However, there was a possibility the Epson is ready to open new markets for WorkForce Pro FW R8591-in the territory of other Indonesia.

Social media is the most popular and most widely Used

In the era of social networks like this, it seems like almost everyone has at least one account to sosialiasi in cyberspace. However, the technology gives the existence of opportunities for everyone. No matter young or old, from the bottom or residing.

Many of the things that make us tick to have it. Making and how their operation is relatively easy. In fact arguably quite pleasant and tend to be addictive. Its main function is itself necessarily to communicate. But beyond that, we can also use it as a media promotion, self expression and spread information .  A variety of social media comes and goes.

There used to be a booming briefly, and then must be left behind due to the new trend. For example MySpace, LiveJournal or MySPace that loses competitiveness with Instagram Facebook, Twitter, etc. But there’s also that survived, because social media that often make the upgrade feature or did have loyal customers.



Well for now, what social media Central’s popular and have many customers? Jom!

1. Facebook

the most popular social media, social media, social media, social media, social media’s latest best-selling indonesia

Almost everyone knows and has a Facebook account. The growth and popularity of social media on this one it is so rapidly. Not only is the House of the student or the student, among the public had siphoned to create your account and activity via Facebook. Many of the things that makes Facebook more superior than other social networks. The way it works is easy, its users much, very popular compared to similar sites (MySpace, Hi5 and Ning), easy to connect with other links, feature rich, etc.

2. Twitter

Post Facebook person, turn Twitter that seized the attention. This one has media characteristic passing 140 character tweet limit. But many parties who are interested in using it. Whether a blogger, businessman, student, etc. Moreover it gives the symbol networking ease to share a wide range of multimedia. And, just recently they changed the favorite being like.

3. Google +

This one debuted on June 28, 2011. Google Inc. that owns and operate it. Since then its growth take place rapidly. The features available are pretty much. There is a “+ 1 button” that their use is similar like ala facebook, “what’s hot” trending topic like his twitter, photography, etc.

4. YouTube

When watching any video, definitely the majority of internet users will go to the Youtube site. The search engine with the most activity first was won by Google, and Youtube appeared as runner up. Google actually still have it, even already integrated also with +. But people still think if Youtube is social media. Moreover this media does have its own special content.

5. LinkedIn

Media on this one too much, especially by those wishing to establish professional connections. LinkedIn is indeed notable as social networking for a career. As with Google, Facebook or Twitter, we can also count on LinkedIn as a means of promotion or business, connected with a variety of other professions of intense discussions, search for job openings, post ads lockers, etc.

6. Instagram

Instagram release with a strong character, namely in the form of sharing poto, accompanied by the caption (optional) and a very short video. The growth of this medium also directly bolted. Now the account having the symbol similar to the camera is even good leaves. First media is still limited to the iOS platform, so that the movement of users was not freely. But now everything is already expanded. Web, android and window phone is also able to exploit it. More a-listers the world also use it. Automatically, they are also a huge success in attracting time.

7. Pinterest

As appreciation for the content of the article or web poto we think are interesting, a lot of social media that we can choose to share it. Whether it’s sending tweetnya via twitter, post status via facebook, share it via LinkedIn as well as doing the ‘ pin ‘ via Pinterest. There is an arrangement which became Pinboards over something that is frowned upon. If there are any posts you like, we can do many things. Starting from bookmark links, save the photo or Web content, send it via email, etc. Talk about putting together and share what we like, Pinterest obviously become a very good strategy and appropriate.

8. Tumblr

Use and function similar to Pinterest. This medium relies heavily on visual content. The more high quality, original and unique, certainly his followers will be more and more. Its existence is quite strong, especially among teenagers. The interaction of the popular media in the form of reblogging and the like. On Tumblr, we can also compose the theme blog, follow-back followed by other users, its content diverse formats etc.

9. the Vine

Twitter appears as the owner of this video-sharing application. Surefire Saint will satisfy our timeline, because the media is indeed integrated directly when someone share it via tweet. The website can also include it. Indeed, again Twitter make a rule of limited duration. But still, its users are getting more and more days only.

10. Snapchat

A short message into a character typical of the Snapchat, and social networking is really based mobile phones. Its popularity is growing, especially since the user can feel the sensation of keseruannya. We can do a snap or clicked the poto and short video when chatting with other users, until then the snapshots to be deleted on its own post views.

Want To Know The Benefits Of Coconut Water For Health?

Coconut water retrieved from inside coconuts. The water is actually the forerunner of white coconut content. In addition to delicious consumed on hot weather or being sweaty, coconut water can also be consumed when someone is losing a lot of fluids due to diarrhea. Coconut water can be an alternative of white water to the body back.

Rich nutrient content
Various benefits of coconut water, among other things:
Coconut water contains sugars and electrolytes that can naturally refreshing. Each 30 ml coconut water contains only 5.45 calories and 1.3 g sugar.

ingin tahu manfaat air kelapa untuk kesehatan - alodokter

Help meet the needs of minerals and nutrients the body needs. Each 30 ml coconut water also contains 61 mg of potassium and 5.45 mg sodium. In addition, coconut water also have vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

According to research, the benefits of coconut water can replace body fluids quickly. In addition it is proven to have the ability better than plain water or a sports drink.
How much is the right amount of Consumption?

For the people of Indonesia, consuming coconut water is common. Coconut water for sale with natural flavors or other materials mixed. Then how much we recommend consuming coconut water?
Coconut water as drinks everyday can be thought of as a fruit juice. We recommend the consumption of enough about one glass per day.

Although classified as healthy, one thing to keep in mind is the coconut water still contain calories. If your coconut water consumption each day approximately 236 ml per day, then you have to count an extra 45-60 calories. If then, the extra calories from coconut water that was not used by the body, so can increase the weight of around 2 kg each year.

Note Possible Side Effects
Pregnant women in Indonesia are often advised to consume the coconut water because it is considered bermanfaaat. But it has yet to be scientifically proven. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should be cautious in consuming coconut water. If in doubt, consult a physician first.

Coconut water also has the possibility of lowering blood pressure and improving drug effects of high blood pressure. That will also need to look out for is coconut water can interfere with blood pressure during and postoperatively. Should avoid the consumption of coconut water two weeks before the scheduled operation.

Now not only is obtained from fresh fruit, coconut water has been presented in the packaging. Don’t forget to read the label on the packaging before buying. If you drink coconut water, make sure the numbers match the needs of the body and not excessive. For those of you who have a specific health condition, consult your doctor before consuming coconut water.

Backpacker tips and Route to Lombok from Jakarta

Lombok island is one of the favorite holiday destination after Bali. West nusa tenggara the island is already captivated the hearts of many people, including local traveller who likes to backpacker-an alias to travel alone without a Travel Agent. The large number of variant travelling activities can be done here to be one of the main reasons for the backpacker vying to visit Lombok. Let alone some time ago Lombok got into # 5 favorite Island version of traveller in Tripadvisor

Some water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, fun diving, glass bottom or banana boat can be exciting activities when in Lombok. In addition, nature lovers can also try exploring the beauty of Mount Rinjani the ordinal number is the highest mountain in Indonesia 2. Lombok tourist attraction especially Gili Trawangan is indeed always make the traveller never run out of ideas to try out a variety of activities, even in the evenings you can enjoy party in some bar and restaurant there.

Gambar terkait

Backpacker tips and route to Lombok from Jakarta
Illustration Of A Backpacker
A vacation to Lombok can be implemented by anyone, even with a very minimal budget though. You can choose a

vacation to Lombok backpacker style. Usually budget the most draining my wallet when vacation is the hotel, transport, meals or also its activities. Well, through this article, we will try to share Tips to Lombok Backpacker to minimize swelling of the budget.

If you are a backpacker from Jakarta, the best tip is to use the train. Can you just use plane if it has more budget, but of course should always monitor the news on promo tickets info. Some aircraft that served Ruente Lombok among others, Citylink, Garuda and also Lion Air.
If you don’t get a ticket promo, the best alternative is to use the railway with detail as follows:


Take the train from Jakarta, Senen Market heading towards Surabaya Gubeng route with a price range of ticket promo DIR 65,000 Economic course.
After that, continue your journey by train to the railway station of Banyuwangi. Ticket prices range between £ 40,000 s/d £ 50,000 (before yesterday’s ride)

From the station, walk to Banyuwangi port of Ketapang about 15 minutes away
From the port of Ketapang, use the Ferry headed for the port of Gilimanuk in Bali. Prices range between £ Ferry tikel 10,000 s/d £ 35,000 with mileage of about 30 minutes.

From the port of Gilimanuk in Bali, you can continue your trip by BUS to the port of Padang Bai. Bus from Gilimanuk headed for Padang Bai 02.30 hours operates from daybreak with a ticket price of about $50,000
From Padang Bai, further towards the port Sheet in Lombok using the Ferry ticket with 55,000 IDR per person.

Ferry from the port of Padang Bai Harbour Lombok every 30 minutes with a journey time of about 4 hours trip on the sea. During the trip from Padang Bai Harbour Sheet you will see sea view with small mountains and the beautiful Bay, a bit similar to the view of Gili Laba in Komodo VILLAGE.

His arrival in the port of your sheet of Lombok, continue journey to Mataram city with public transport or transport shutle. Cost around $35,000 per person depending on the transport you are using.

In Mataram city, you can find lodging budget hostel or standard class with a price range of £ 250,000 s/d 350,000 permalam. If you want cheap, look for it in the neighborhood of Cakranegara. Some of the hotels we recommend that still belongs to cheap in Mataram

In addition to hotel hotel in Senggigi, you also can choose lodging in Gili Trawangan with various types of lodging are available, ranging from budget classes and standard hostel, or resort resort with a 2 or 3 star still promo on Agoda. In the choose the type of lodging, you should consider a tour route and mileage from your vacation lodging in order to more effectively and certainly could save budget for its transport.

The benefits of seaweed for skin beauty

Maybe you are not familiar with any of the seafood that is shaped like a gelatinous this. Seaweed is a biological resource that grows wild and is also cultivated in the coastal ocean.

Seaweed is often utilized for a variety of processed foods such as ice seaweed, agar-agar, drinks, etc. But in addition can be made as the food and drinks were delicious and filling the stomach, seaweed also turned out to have many benefits for the health of our skin and body.

The benefits of seaweed

The benefits of seaweed
In some countries in Asia and Europe, seaweed can be said as a staple food everyday, maybe if in Indonesia can be described as the food lalab fresheners, such as bonteng, cesim, etc. Also in Japan, seaweed is also often made as food for the diet, so do not be surprised if many Japanese women who have a slim body and high.

In the seaweed contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are important for healthy skin and body, such as Vitamin A, B1, B2. B3, B12, C, D, E, F, K, minerals, and fatty acids. Because the vitamin content is complete, make seaweed used as materials for the manufacture of supplements, and cosmetic products.

If you have dry skin, seaweed foods can help solve your skin problems. Dry skin in result because the body lacks the fatty acid and seaweed is one of the types of foods that contain fatty acids, so it can provide the nutrients needed for your skin.

Seaweed can prevent premature aging

The content of vitamins and minerals contained in seaweed can act as antioxidants to maintain healthy skin from free radical damage, such as preventing premature aging, and the emergence of black spots on the face.

Seaweed for facial skin care

In addition to consumption, seaweed can also be utilized for masks and scrubs skin care. Berberapa benefits of seaweed mask and scrub that can remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin cells so that it can make your skin smooth and soft. In addition seaweed masks and scrubs can also make the skin look fresh, and address the problem of acne on the face.

Read also: Benefits Asam Jawa for facial treatments

That was some of the benefits of seaweed for the health of our skin naturally. You can do the treatment with cosmetic products made from sea lumput or by creating masks and scrubnya own home to get healthy skin naturally. A few tips healthy skin this time, may be useful for you all.

Some Reason I Delete A Facebook Account Permanently

Some reason I delete Facebook account permanently. matches the title of the posting above on this wonderful opportunity I will give you a little of my reasons why I remove a personal Facebook account to the PAL blog readers.
Well, actually it was a very heavy decision for me personally, but yes there are already flashed my think since a long time, that every night I think, always stuck and I can’t get rid of, just like you. Yes, you …
I already know Facebook is in fact already a long time. Starting from the early entry junior high and since the beginning has a laptop. Originally there is facebook account recovery friend have a Facebook account, then I invite you to create an account on the well. Yes, his name is also a layman sob certainly directly participate create wrote. Yet year after year, day after day passed I was hitchhiking along with Facebook in the liver as it is the Scotch while using this social media. And I was thinking “this Fb actually create what?. Well here’s a few reasons I delete Facebook account.


# 1. Most of the Friends I do not Know
It used to be when looking back I people who carelessly create add people to be friends in Fb. Of people who never saw it at all I Add. Pretty little Add-on. SE * y a bit Add. Actually, nothing wrong to add these people to become friends. But sometimes we have to think wisely in responded sob, and oddly enough I just realized after so long using Fb. I was surprised to some people who have more than one facebook account. In my heart, I asked. If one account is not enough?
# 2. wasting time
Facebook was already well known from the first as a place for the waste of time, especially for my own. Every time I open Facebook always I spend the time to do the less productive activities such as waiting for notifications that do not clear, play games, read status is less important, and all other activities that are less useful.

Everyone should think “ah sure it’s just a bored writing make Facebook”. Arguably it is the wrong assumption. I just want to focus on the world’s pemBloggeran waterfall and continue my studies at the University of choice. Considering I myself have had to prepare for a college course to delete the Facebook account, this is a decision that I think is appropriate.

# 3. I don’t find it help me
As I mentioned in point number 2 above, the things I do on Facebook just a waste of time because the things I did there is no benefit. Indeed, some people might argue that facebook gives many positive impacts on their lives, but for me personally seen too many negative sides rather than the plus side.
# 4. Most Of The Fake Account
According to my experience of probe and researching on Facebook after all this time. It turns out I found that lots of false accounts using other people’s identities. There has been much news about identity theft. Mere stories, I never send messages to a woman, seen from a collection of photos that he got, this woman only has one photo, which she shared as photo profile. And my suspicions appear when I asked him to change the profile photo and he doesn’t respond at all. Well, maybe just four points above the sob that made me want to close my facebook account for good. After I consider carefully and finally the decision to delete this account already rounded.

16 The Role and Benefits of Social Media for People Everyday

social media or social networking greatly loved by the community today, both the people of Indonesia and the world, ranging from children to adults. It can not be denied again, whenever there is spare time almost everyone taking the time to conduct online activities in social media.

As we know, that this social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, BBM, Line, and others. The simple reason why a lot of people who social media is the online interaction with practical mobile technology that can be brought anywhere, so that everyone can do whenever and wherever they are.


As social media have an important role that is very strong for today’s society, which I will summarize in a few points below:

  1. Communications Online

By utilizing social media or social networking, everyone can do it online communication, such as chat, news notifications, and invitations. Even for those who are already accustomed to, communication in social media more effectively than through call or sms mobile.

  1. Interaction Online Neighbor Friend

Because it is used for social media and the public, the various online activities can be done here, online interaction from one person to others. Social interaction can be a status update, comment, add a new friend and others.

  1. Seeking Information, News and Knowledge

Social media provides a wealth of information, news, science, knowledge, and the latest news, information even more quickly spread through social media than electronic media like TV.

  1. Adding Friends Online Communities

Social media as well as a place to get to know new people and make a particular community, so that we can get to know many people in the area without having to meet, also create a community with the same idea or hobby.

  1. Friends Who Always There In Alone

Social media has always been a friend to users when the user feels lonely for internet access can still be connected. Social media can fill the days and empty time someone, this is the case in general.

  1. Obtain Entertainment

Feelings of sadness, stress, saturation is a feeling that can affect anyone just depending on conditions.One of the efforts carried out by someone if he was bored, sad, stress, and loneliness is getting entertainment with a visit to the social media. Yes, of course not the only entertainment to fill the void of time and thought, but also for entertainment according to something he loved.

  1. As Promotion Facility

Promotion in social media is no longer sound familiar, because it has become one of their purposes, introduce new products, promote blog, and other. The reason is to introduce and invite others to be able to enjoy its products.

Nutritional content and Pecan For Health Benefits

Nutritional content and Pecan For Health Benefits . Pecan is one of the ingredients and spices are widely used in Indonesia. Addition of hazelnut oil is known as a material for the grower and fertilizer hair.The use of hazelnut oil on the hair can make the hair becomes thick and lustrous healthy.

nutrient content and health benefits of the pecan

Pecan (Aleurites moluccana), is a plant whose seeds are used as a source of oil and spices. This plant is still with cassava and included in the tribe Euphorbiaceae. In interstate commerce known as Candleberry, Indian walnut, and Candlenut. The tree is called the tree varnish or kukui nut tree. The oil extracted from its seeds is useful in the industry to be used as a mixture of paint.

No chemical content in hazelnut such as glycerides, linoleic acid, palmitic, stearic, myristic acid, oil, protein, vitamin B1, and fatty substances. In addition, known pecan also rich in fiber, vitamin E, and minerals such as magnesium and copper.

Nutritional content In Pecan :

Information Detailed Composition Nutrition / Nutritional Pecan :

Name Foodstuffs: Pecan
Other Names / Alternative: –
Number of Pecan studied (Food Weight) = 100 gr
Section Pecan that can be consumed (BDD / Food Edible) = 100%
Total Content Energy Pecan = 636 kcal
Total content of Protein Pecan = 19 g
Total Fat amount Pecan = 63 g
Total content Carbohydrate Pecan = 8 g
Total Calcium Pecan = 80 mg
Total content Phosphorus Pecan = 200 mg
Total content Iron Pecan = 2 mg
amount of Vitamin A Pecan = 0 IU
Total Vitamin B1 Pecan = 0.06 mg
The amount of Vitamin C Pecan = 0 mg
Efficacy / Benefits Pecan : – (Not available)
Letter Initial name Foodstuffs: K

Nutritional Information Sources: Various publications Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia as well as other sources.

Efficacy Pecan For Health

In addition as an ingredient for flavoring food, it has hazelnut efficacy. One of them maintain a healthy heart. Pecan containing nutrients and nongizi. Nongizi substances in pecan for example saponin, falvonoida, and polyphenols. Many researchers have shown that these three components has great significance for health. The content of micronutrients contained in pecan example, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The dominant mineral in pecan are potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and calcium. Also contained iron, zinc, copper, and selenium, in small amounts.

Other essential ingredients are vitamins, folate and phytosterols which can-forming enzyme of cholesterol in the liver, thus inhibiting the formation of cholesterol.

Hazelnut protein in seeds is composed of essential and nonessential amino acids. The function of the essential amino acids for growth among other things because the amino acids found in all tissues and form proteins and antibodies.

Nonessential amino acids are prominent in pecan, namely glutamic acid and aspartic acid. The existence of glutamic acid that gives a sense of pleasure when the pecan is used as a spice. It made hazelnut can replace flavoring dishes such as MSG.

A research team from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, show pecan able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL, low density lipoprotein) in the blood.

Approximately 53 percent of the pecan is fat. However, these fats are unsaturated fats that are not only able to lower LDL levels, but also prevent blood clotting which is a cause of heart attack and stroke.

Pecan Oil Benefits For Hair Health.

Protein and mineral content of iron in the hazelnut will make the hair becomes stronger thick, lush, so that hair loss can be avoided

  1. Preventing and Coping with Hair Loss.
  1. Nourish hair.
  1. Blacken Hair.
  1. Thicken hair.
  1. Grow Hair.
  1. Extend the hair.

That’s some pecan benefits for health.

may be useful.

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