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Preparation Umrah (Male, Female, Adult, and Child) Part 2

Physical preparation

In addition to maintaining health by doing the necessary vaccinations and umroh murah bandung consume enough healthy food, so that you are physically fit, exercise regularly .

 Image result for persiapan untuk umroh apa saja
Some activities Umrah is quite exhausting as tawaf and sa’i, so you should include the preparation Umrah this physical exercise. Because it is advisable before departing umroh you practice a lot of running in the morning and doing fitness exercise . Moreover, all the activities of worship at the Haram will get the reward is 1000 times better than over in the country.
So to be able to practice to the fullest, a healthy body is the main requirement for you to a lot of activity worth of worship as do the sunnah prayers every chance, read the Qur’an and dhikr lot. You also have to get enough rest, reduce overtime or stay up before departure.


Preparation Umroh with older children

Despite the small children who have not yet of legal age required to perform the pilgrimage, but when you’ve got a chance and more sustenance, there is no harm in introducing the children activity pilgrimage. Of course, very enjoyable holiday and can simultaneously provide education to the children about the history of Islam through acts of worship does.They certainly were very interested, places that have been mentioned in Al Qur`an they can visit that is expected to add to the faith and their love for Islam. Thus, the preparation Umrah for your child should also be considered with caution.

Bring the kids to participate in the trip pilgrimage would have to consider the weather conditions so you should be more careful in choosing the schedule Umrah so that they can do it comfortably and stay in a pleasant atmosphere. You need to know, the weather at the beginning of June or July hot enough even for adults let alone children.

Hot weather often leads to early fatigue and people tend to drink cold drinks so that it can trigger a cough and runny nose. Of course this is very dangerous for children if left unchecked. Especially when their physical condition was quite tired by traveling on the plane.

For breastfeeding mothers who bring their babies to participate must follow the rhythm of activity according to the condition of his body and the child she was carrying. Eat regularly, get enough rest, eating honey, yogurt, or fruit can be done to maintain body condition.Drink water of Zam-zam water instead of cold water or ice. And do not forget to always pray to Allah that we always be given smoothness while performing pilgrimage with the children without a hitch means.

Understanding SEO and Usability SEO

Understanding SEO and Usability SEO – Howdy friend Studied SEO , this time will be a little SEO Blog Studied try to explain as well as enlightening the mind friend   Studied SEO  by writing an article titled Understanding and Usability SEO .
Understanding SEO and Usability SEO Search Engine Optimization

Understanding SEO What is it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of jasa seo profesional affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in search engine results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic pursuits, news search and vertical search engine industry-specific. Define SEO Website owners have recognized the value of having their sites in top search engine results long before the making SEO a very large field in the world today. Definition SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the use of methods and techniques to increase the visibility of the website. Using a natural way to achieve natural listings on search engines. SEO is money – this is the most common meaning of SEO for Internet marketers.Terminology also describe web site designs, menus, system management, video, images, content and other elements that must be optimized to achieve exposure on search engines.

SEO Is it important?

The success of a website depends on how you define SEO.Sebuah website without visitors is like a product that can not be sold. To achieve the desired visitor on your website, the proper integration of SEO is required. Remember that the key to achieving the visitors was to secure the position of the website in organic search listings. The percentage of clicks on organic Google is the dominant 86 percent leaving the remaining 14 percent for paid search makes SEO a vital integration. Target SEO may target different kinds of search which includes search, image search, academic search, the search for new local and industry – specific vertical search engines. This area is targeted to provide what is called a website web preferences.

What is the role of SEO in Internet Marketing?

If there is something that considers how search engines work, it is SEO. SEO also consider what people are looking at their actual search terms into a search engine and search engine favored by the targeted audience.

What is involved in SEO?

What SEO means in terms of implementing it in a website? This may include editing content or what is called tweaking. It also involves the method of placing the necessary HTML associated coding to both increase its relevance and to remove barriers to the indexing. Back link generation is also another method of SEO. For more details about any thing involved in SEO, you can read more here Things That Affect SERP.

What SEO category?

SEO is generally divided into two types, including:
  • White Hat SEO : This refers to the use of natural SEO methods to achieve the desired results. This is what is referred to as ethical SEO
  • Black Hat SEO : SEO type is also referred to as spamdexing. Using the method degrades the relevance of search results. Type SEO is not for the long term as the search engines are constantly in search of websites are forbidden integrated or unethical methods to rank only.
Honestly, while I learned many SEO benefits that I can, but I will not explain it here, because it is too long, but if you are interested can read my article on the SEO function in  Function Learning Science SEO For Blog .
Well, that’s Definition and Uses SEO, may be enlightening.

9 for the health benefits of papaya leaves and a woman’s face 2

5. anti-malaria and dengue fever in some specific regions of papaya leaves also often used to cope with disease-carrying mosquitoes because the leaves can also be called the anti-malarial and dengue. you need to know is already a lot of pharmaceutical companies to produce drugs to tackle dengue with papaya extract liquid because its functionality can be increased platelets in the body. for the use that can be done at home you just need to make it as juice and to offer a sense of bitterness you can add honey.

The action benefits of papaya leaves

6. appetite enhancer sometimes you have a child that is difficult to stop eating. it wants only eat it but after eating partially obeyed only the most severe or just viewing only. papaya was able to overcome this but the problem for this you are required to be creative because most children do not like vegetables first taste bitter. you can mix papaya leaves with food or can be made into noodles and fried food.

benefits of papaya leaves for female facial beauty

How with what the above review is quite helpful but not up here because of the benefits of facial beauty is also not for reviews following information:

1. acne one thing quite often descend among teens that acne does not matter man or woman has a risk of the same magnitude and acne can arise because your face is dirty due to oil or dust therefore be diligent to wash your face before bed and when morning. while to get rid of acne using papaya leaf which is a way used as a mask while I make that dry some old papaya puree and then added to the water after that you can immediately use in a way that appears on the acne.

2. anti aging really is not anything that can prevent us from aging because aging is the nature of nature but if to block it might be one of them using the papaya leaf that can disguise wrinkles on the skin because it contains so many elements that are widely used by amino Products- beauty products and how it’s used in a manner which is simple enough mask as in the first but this time you must throughout the face.

3. eliminate dandruff if you know a lot of shampoo products use extracts of papaya ?because it contains the compound karpain powerful enough to override dandruff , dirt, and oils that stick you in hair due to a day of outdoors activities. nah, for that you can apply this traditional way how the boil and then the cooking water you use to wash your hair, how any information about the benefits of papaya leaves for health and beauty spa is useful for you? if you want to leave a comment please write in the field below, or you can share this article via social buttons below, thanks.

Tips Umrah Comfortable Kids Together

Some families decide to take their children to worship umrah reasons could not bear to leave her baby in the country. If you have this, extra preparation needs to be done so that the children feel comfortable during a pilgrimage in the Holy Land. Especially if the sons and daughters who invited young as toddlers.

Image result for tips umroh

To anticipate all the obstacles that could interfere with harga paket umroh ramadhan  your religious journey, following share some tips on performing Umrah together baby.

1. Preparation costs pilgrimage

Umrah trip need not cost you a little, then invest your funds from far-away days in order to choose a travel agency that provides services umrah best for your family. Some Umrah travel agencies give discounts for children aged 0-2 years. Use the promo discount to suppress your expenses.

2. Consider the condition and completeness umrah

Just like the adults , the child had to prepare for departure to the Holy Land to take care of passport documents. The procedures for making a passport for your child is easy and similar to the procedure of making an adult passport. However, because it has no ID card, the documents used to register for the stewardship of the passport is the child’s birth certificate, parent ID card and family card (KK).

3. vaccinations and prepare personalized medicine

Before leaving for the Holy Land of Mecca , make sure your children get vaccinated meningitis(not required for children under 2 years old). Bring your child’s special medicines that will be required when exposed to sick light, like oil wind , drug heat, medicine cough , thermometer, vitamins, supplements, and other medications as needed.

Preferably, before departure, consult also the condition of the health of the child to thedoctor in order to know whether he needs special drugs to anticipate asthma or allergies .

4. Bring diapers , Stoller , and sling

When your baby is still a toddler, bring diapers extra. Instead, take also a sling or Stoller as a precaution if the child is exhausted while doing Thawaf or Sai. But keep in mind, Stoller is only allowed in the mosque in Medina. For another alternative, you can rent a wheelchair for rent along the pusher. Choose a local Indonesian people if you intend to hire a wheelchair for a child.

Tips for Choosing Umrah Travel Agents

Omra is one of worship performed by Muslims.Umrah is almost like a pilgrimage made by some religious activities in the holy city of Mecca in exactly haram Mosque. Umrah means to perform tawaf and sa’i ka’ba between Al-Safa and Al-Marwah. Umrah Hajj which have umrah desember  differences with the implementation of time and place. Requirements to carry out the same pilgrimage as performing Hajj.


Spiritual preparation before Depart Umrah
Before carrying out pilgrimage we must have a spiritual preparation beforehand so that we can carry out the pilgrimage can be smoothly. Preparation Umrah such as:

  1. Straighten the intention to perform pilgrimage for Allah,
  2. Repent and apologize to everyone who was known before performing pilgrimage
  3. Learn what is allowed and forbidden during pilgrimage
  4. When you have paid off the first debt
  5. Take care and good practice must be familiar and Sunnah.


Guide to Choosing a Travel Agent

In addition to spiritual preparation above, other preparations must we do to perform Umrah course prepare a travel agent trip. To carry out the pilgrimage we need a travel agent to assist the departure and return later. Looking for a travel agent Umrah trip could not choose just any because it might later be disappointed because it does not conform to our expectations.

The rise of the travel agent that naughty Umrah journey makes us anxious to perform pilgrimage. Lots of events such as these, the travel agent travels just thinking about the target and profits but do not think participants travelnya circumstances. Therefore, we should be able to have a proper Umrah travel, good, experienced and has a good reputation as well.

By seeking information as possible regarding Umrah travel agents so that we can choose the most suitable and appropriate. Here are tips for getting a good travel agent, namely:

  1. Registered agent and an official from the ministry of religion

The most important thing to consider in choosing a travel agent Umrah is an agent who has a permit from the ministry of religious republic of Indonesia. We can check by asking PPIU official list.

  1. Having a clear timetable

Each trip Umrah travel agents have a visa quota every pemberangkatanya date. So, they can certainly tell you the date and day of departure umra clear.

  1. Crocodiles Umrah fair

Travel expenses pilgrimage they provide must be a reasonable price is not too cheap or too expensive of a proper price and be sure any of the facilities provided by them.

  1. Name and location of the hotel

Prior settled on an Umrah travel, we should be able to ascertain in advance the location and name are offered from the travel package.

  1. Make sure v isa obtained

Confirmation of visas granted by the Umrah agent to PPUI.

Performing pilgrimage is very effective from a trip, so when you want to perform pilgrimage before setting the travel agent way we should be careful and selective in advance. Choosing Umrah travel agent and have the official permission from the government. In addition, we can ask friends or relatives who have used the services of travel umrah because they would have never had the experience to be able to help.

Roughly that some preparation tips Umrah and tips on choosing a travel agent that can be presented on this occasion.

We Madinah Faith Tourism as the Bureau of Hajj and Umrah travel trip Iman Madinah Travel is a travel umroh Hopefully Sunnah in accordance with the guidance of the Qur’an and As-Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW

Benefits of Moringa Leaf, Wonders of Skin, Hair, and Health

Moringa is a plant species that may already be familiar our ears. Plant this one has been used the leaves as a vegetable, even his so-called “klentang” already not new in the market. Has the scientific name Moringa oleifera , is a plant that thrives and is abundant in the region of South America, Central America, Africa, and Asia. You may also be surprised that the part dati moringa plants (either trees, leaves, and seeds) which is very high nutritional value. Advertisement The observers and health researchers have given the nickname him as “The Miracle Tree” and “The Elixir of Long Life” , knowing his uncanny ability to overall body health. It is not excessive because all parts of the plant, including the bark, roots, leaves, flowers, seeds, sap and pods of Moringa is a storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants . Thus, Moringa Moringa or oliefera have countless benefits for skin, hair, health, and has the capacity to cure some diseases. Some parts of the Moringa plant is most often utilized are the leaves, flowers, roots, and seeds. Moringa seeds and roots are usually extracted oil to be taken, as well as the leaves, pods, and flowers are consumed as a vegetable. Bark, sap, seeds, oil, leaves, roots, and flowers are also used in the manufacture of traditional medicine in various countries.

the benefits of Moringa leaves

Here are the benefits of “Miracle” Moringa plants for Health, hair, and skin Benefits for Health Moringa seed pods known to contain about 40 percent of the oil known as Ben oil. Moringa oil is rich in antioxidants, and nutritional profile similar to olive oil. Moringa leaves are still young is the most widely used of these plants. It is usually eaten as a vegetable, which provides iron some three times more than the vegetable spinach leaves. Moringa provides all essential amino acids needed by the body. Amino acids are elements of proteins that the body needs to grow, as well as repair and maintain cells. The human body produces amino acids between 10 to 12 species, while the remaining eight are known as essential amino acids must be obtained from the daily diet. Moringa leaves can help increase the amount of energy naturally and durable. It has also been found to cure ulcers, inhibit tumors, reduce joint pain or arthritis, and controlling blood pressure. Regularly consume Moringa leaf as part of a diet will increase the body’s natural defense mechanism against infection. it is a stimulant to the immune system, often prescribed for patients with AIDS.


Tips to Perform Umrah First Time To Mecca

Photo 2 Tips When Umrah First


Travelers , the first thing you should umroh desember consider when planning the umrah is timing.Even Umrah can be performed at any time, but you must be keen to specify this in order to feel comfortable and worship was running smoothly. During summer, ie between the months of June-August, temperatures in Mecca could reach 45 0 C.While in the winter, which is between the months of November to February, the night temperature reaches 8 0 C, while during the day ranged between 38 0 C – 420 C. After knowing the temperature conditions in Mecca, you want to select umrah in what month? Not only that, if you want to reduce costs umrah, avoid to go in the holiday season and Ramadan yes because the cost can swell. So, plan the right time yeah, travelers ?


Tip two, look for travel agents who are trusted. You can find information from relatives, friends, or testimonials from people who’ve been using their services.Do not until you pay a premium but enjoy accommodation that you are not worth it. If you focus umrah, you better choose a regular travel package. That way you do not need to be stopped everywhere, such as Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, and Malaysia. So just to Mecca alone. After that, you can immediately prepare all the necessary documents. Such as passports, photo close up , and shows a yellow card meningitis and influenza vaccination.

Tip three, for Umrah in the category of worship and exercise, you are also advised to begin exercise walking or jogging. Know yourself the travelers , that when you have to perform umrah tawaf, sa’i, and had to walk from one place to another.You can train yourself to do light exercise regularly to keep your body accustomed. That way, physically even more powerful. Also, start reading and studying books and their umrah prayers, praying sunnah. Travelers also will have a stock and sufficient information before departing.


Tips fourth, you also must carry sufficient supplies and necessary. For example, ihram, slippers / shoes, gloves, hood length or width, socks, face moisturizer, hand and body lotion , sufficient clothing, sleepwear, long dress or long dress, mukena, prayer rug, Koran, drugs, multivitamin, sanitary napkins for women, panty liner , sunglasses if necessary, small caps, and personal. In addition, there is no harm why you carry a pocket camera, plugs with 3 holes, HP, and charger. By doing so, you will not dither to communicate with relatives in the homeland.

Tips fifth, money sparingly. And, importantly, always keep the physical and mental health in order not to be surprised. Start learning to sincerity and patience because we do not know what will happen in the Holy Land. With careful preparation, travelers can enjoy activities worship and Umrah in the holy land of Mecca. Congratulations religious traveled to Mecca yes.

Still Newbie? 12 Tips Seo Blog Basics This Mandatory Reads 2

2. creations picture post

Made independently will add weight to the uniqueness of hair creations. Insert a picture that fits into the article also makes it more attractive and Jasa SEO Murah Depok more reader-friendly as well as Google.

Image result for tips tentang seo blog

To increase the effectiveness of the role of images in creative writing, and alternative image text title textnya filled manually only. Here’s how:

  • Click the image on the post before it is published
  • Then select a picture or image properties property
  • Later will come the title image and alternative text / alt textnya
  • Fill in the title text and alt textnya
  • Then click ok

Suppose post about seo blog, the title textnya filled with “Seo Blog.png” and alt text a full title is filled with posts such as “Seo blog basis for pemula.png”. Remember, do not fill the title and alt attribute text with a pile of keywords and do not forget, also compress the image, at least less than or equal to 10 kb so as not to overburden loading blog.

3. Wearing template SEOnya already optimized

template in question is the acceleration type of rate, link credit could be eliminated (purchased), without error or fault in it, all of the page is able to adapt to any size of screen or monitor and advanced if necessary.

Typically, blog themes obtained by paying a better quality, plus their creators or modifikatornya party support in the form of directives in setting the template as desired compared to those obtained for free.

Talk trouble free template and use, there are a few things to remember as consideration:

  • Had trouble menyetingnya according to taste
  • Had a bug problem but no one cares
  • Blog and your GA account may be banned Google
  • More extravagant waste of money than to buy a license

Consider the comments column is distributed free blog templates especially on pages that contain the description and the download link, most the question “how do I …?” and this is a problem that is often obtained the users free templates, difficulty setting to taste.

Another problem is a bug problem. Free templates usually not worked wholeheartedly or less serious attention so that there is the possibility of coding error in it.

Blog and the account could be banned? Tu..tunggu first sob..apa yes? It could happen that if by the competitors know you’re using the free version of the template and then dianya report to Google might get banned sites and may well account. But essentially, still keep sportsmanship in competing ok 🙂

problem is wasteful of money, although he is free, download templatekan also use the money in the form of internet quota, menyetingnya suit also use quota. If too linger care of the settings and see that he could be free template consuming a greater cost than buying the premium version.

The best option, buy the original template and the original version from the manufacturer.Do the pirated or fake. Because in addition to sharpen seo blog, to appreciate the work of others, it means indirectly we appreciate ourselves. But if you can make it yourself it was good, at least it will cut an additional cost.

Benefits Tuna: From Stress To Health Heart Away

Fish is one of the healthy food menu. The fish menu is highly recommended decorate your dining table, as well as a source of good fats, especially the Omega 3 content is high. One of them is tuna, a high source of Omega 3 contained in fish tuna health very good for us. Moreover, tuna is also a rich source of protein. Not only that, potassium and vitamin B are high also makes these foods are categorized as the best food for health. One of the benefits of Omega 3 in tuna that helps the optimal functioning of the heart, by lowering bad cholesterol in the body and improve kolesteol well so as to prevent the occurrence of blood clots in arteries and lowers to pressure the blood to ensure heart health optimally and prevent the risk of stroke.

A study found that the consumption of tuna is also associated with the prevention and treatment of arthritis and pain. As has been mentioned above that the tuna are high protein sources, thus means being able to help boost metabolism which helps the body in burning fat faster, and provide raw material for the growth of skin, blood, nails and other oriental organ. Not only that, there are many other benefits that can be gained from a tuna, what are the benefits? Consider the following.

5 Tuna For Health Benefits

1. Relieve Stress

Because it contains Omega 3 fatty acids, eating fish tuna in your diet staple menu also able to relieve the stress that comes from the activity and your daily environment. Especially for those of you women who often suffer from hormonal imbalance.

2. Eye Health

Again, Omega 3 content to work a lot for health, one of which is for eye health. Omega 3 fatty acids can help the body fight against macular degeneration in the eye. Macular degeneration is a condition in which vision deteriorates, resulting in disruption of the function of vision at the age of over 50 years. To that end, more health experts advise to begin presenting tuna in your diet, to avoid the risk of disorders of the eye.

3. Improve Cognitive Function in Brain

Omega 3 is also able to improve the function of remembering or cognitive brain function, so it can help your body to avoid illness degeneration of brain function such as Alzheimer’s because it helps expedite the supply of blood to the brain and reduce the risk of inflammation and able memperantrai signal to be received by the brain, because sufferers Alzheimer’s tend to be impaired in terms of delivering signals or impulses to the brain.

4. Helping The Body Detoxification

Selenium and Omega 3 contained in fish tuna to be the primary fuel for the production of Glutathione peroxidase anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants and this is important for health care which contribute to detoxification. It also plays a role also to prevent heart disease and cancer.

5. Improve Hormone Insulin Response

Consumption of tuna is also highly recommended for those people with type 2 diabetes, of course, because the Omega 3 content that is so rich in tuna. Various studies have explained, though saturated fat is actually able to trigger the accumulation of fat to cause obesity, the fat content in tuna fact have the opposite role, the fat in tuna can prevent you from the risk of obesity and improve insulin hormone response in your body. Omega 3 fatty acids, known as EPA is able to maintain your weight so as not soaring and also helps the metabolism of the body to secrete the hormone leptin.

Below them are some of the benefits you can get from the tuna. Knowing good benefits for your health, you should start now immediately enter the tuna on the list of your diet, in addition to delicious, the fish is also very beneficial for your body.


Enter the Sphere Of Free Clash Of Clans Resources

With our Clash of Clans Cheats it is possible to create infinite number of Elixir, Gold and Jewels for iOS and Android! Also, unlock all levels can also be accessible thanks to COC Revolutionary Hack Device that is new. Now, we’re more than met to present our beginner Clash of Clans HackTool for COC match that is well-known.

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Clash of Clans Cheat’s Attributes:

  • Limitless Gold
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CoC Cheats and Stone hack

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Clash of Clans Cheats: Tutorial

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